Out of the greatest international traditions, the Living Table Art chinaware collection has been created. Forms and lines with perfect detail, each planned to meet a specific aspirations: prestige, originality, functionality or distinction. Whether a Bistrot or Grand Hotel, Living Table Art con offer a solution that adds extra touch you want for your table.


Living Table Art glassware expresses the allure of a material that’s as fluid as water, strong as the earth and clear as the air. Captivated by its lightness, you’ll be surprised at its robustness. A clever combination, made through the matching of classic transparency and contemporary creativity, to bring out the full flavour of the widest range of drinks.

Cutlery / Metalware

By evening the light of the moon rests easily on the surface of these refined accessories from Living Table Art. Superb cutlery in stainless steel or precious silver-plating, exclusive metals, bar complements and trolleys made by hand all catch the eye of even the most imperturbable person. It reveals itself to be a collection full of small or large objects providing élan to the table.


The quality of materials, the most innovative design, the search for a perfect combination of beauty and convenience are the features of Living Table Art metals in silver and stainless steel. Showy for their shapes, unique for their adaptability. Living Table Art brings style and brilliance on your table to flatter your guests with sensational accessories.

Kitchen / Pizzeria / Macchinari

The tools of the trade – true creations of technique in the new kitchen line by Living Table Art. Hygienic and functional, these accessories excel for the latest needs in top gastronomy. Resistant to wear, resistant to fashions, and assuring enduring safe use.
Finger Buffet / Generation

FINGER Buffet / Generation

The ancient art of the master glassmakers comes once more to life by way of graceful outlines, refined shapes and delicate transparency. The crafting and decoration of splendid pieces attest the quality of a line of products with which to grace the finest of tables. Living Table Art proposes the "Generation" collection, in which everyday articles, skilfully made precious with creative artistry, become sublime protagonists of daily life.


The Living Table Art buffet greets guests with special care arising from the refined yet technically advanced details. An elegant collection of objects designed to please the eye, but also to keep setting up times as brief as possible. Characteristics of versatility and taste that are proving to be the preference of the main international caterers.
Top class / Customer Special

Top class / Customer Special

Our centre of Design and Graphic Research develops with enthusiasm innovative and creative ideas to satisfy customer requirements. A staff, highly qualified and selected, uses high technology to develop personalized decorations that give the production a touch of elegant refinement. Living Table Art is in the position to satisfy its very demanding customers by esclusive and personalized decorations.